Mrs. Powerwash Columbus Ohio Explains Soft Washing
Mrs Powerwash is Central Ohio’s authority on residential and commercial power washing. They have been washing homes and business properties for over seventeen years. The company offers incomparable service with their fleet of 4+ service vehicles on the road. Power washing comes with the name of the company but it’s important to note that they master the art of washing be it Soft washing or Power / Pressure washing. Mrs Powerwash surely knows the washing art and masters house washing, deck washing, driveway washing and concrete washing. The quality of work was endorsed heavily when it won the Cbus best Powerwasher 2019 in the Columbus, Ohio house washing competition.
Soft washing is a very widely used house washing and deck washing technique as of late and people are tending to soft washes for their residential / living properties and also applying it for their commercial or corporate belongings. The reason is that people believe that power washing or pressure washing damages the surface because of high impact and soft wash does the job efficiently with minimal damage. It’s true to some extent but there are situations when power wash is the only option and you cannot use soft wash. Mrs Powerwash explains the ins and outs of soft washing in this article so that our users are better able to select a better suited technique and then describes the best soft washing / power washing companies in Columbus, Ohio.
Power / Pressure Washing
Soft Washing
Pressure washing  or power washing instead uses high-pressure nozzles to produce pressurized water spray for removing loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. Power washing pressure goes beyond 1000 psi.
Soft washing is done by using a a low pressure sprayer to apply a water-based, biodegradable disinfectant solution which is basically a cleaning solution to kill the mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss and more on exterior home and building surfaces. Pressure is less than 1000 psi in soft washing.
Soft Washing Process in Detail: 
Soft washing is basically a washing technique similar to pressure washing as it involves running water through a pump but with very little pressurization. While the pressure washing removes the dirt solely by applying high pressure (implying damage risk), the soft wash first softens the dirt through the disinfectant chemical and then applies low pressure water to remove the losses dirt / mold easily. So soft washing benefits in that the low pressure poses a very little risk to the applied surface.  There are some environment concerns associated with the chemical use but taking appropriate precautionary measures and using allowed concentrations does the job safely.
When to Use Soft Wash: 
As the term soft wash appears safer and sells better so the soft wash technique is fancied more by customers. People somehow feel safer with the word soft wash rather than pressure or power wash. This isn’t the case actually because you have to choose between the two techniques according to respective situations. We recommend a Soft Washing process on substrates that are very hard to be cleaned with pressure or would result in surface damage if pressure is applied. Soft washing involves chemicals so it requires caution to save bio life and its better a professional company is hired to complete the soft wash for you. A Pressure Washing Service would be a recommended application when the substrates are hard and very resilient to damage from any kind of pressure.
Don’t Do it Yourself and Hire the Best Soft Wash Service Providers:
If you are someone from Columbus, Ohio and planning to perform a soft wash on your own, it’d better to think again and have a look on the affordable and best washing service providers in the locality.  The companies can better tackle the complexities of the process since it involves chemicals and concerns EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Also many Professional Soft Washing Companies have access to chemicals at concentrations that consumers just cannot obtain at the local chemicals store. A good find for a fine soft wash job is the Mrs Powerwash Company which recently won the Cbus best Powerwasher 2019 in the Columbus, Ohio house washing competition. If you are planning on getting this service for your home, make sure that you hire a reputable company with great reviews and a wealth of knowledge about what they will be applying to your home (also, weather soft washing or pressure washing would be a good fit). Hire a good company like Mrs Powerwash ( and let your home / buildings shine bright.