LEADING POWERWASH COMPANY Mrs Powerwash LLC has won award, BEST powerwash/softwash service provider in Columbus, Ohio

December 09, 2022, 14:00 GMT

The woman-owned businesses was recognized at the CBUS Top Pick Awards for being the best powerwash/softwash company in Columbus, Ohio, five years in a row.

Mrs Powerwash LLC, a woman owned powerwash company in Columbus, Ohio, has been recognized as the best in the category of powerwash/softwash at the CBUS Top Pick Awards.

The CBUS Top Pick Awards are the premier awards in Central Ohio, where over 400,000 people in the area nominate and vote for the best companies in over 150 categories. The awards are validation for top companies voted best of Columbus Ohio.

The company has been winning the ‘Best of Columbus’ awards for the past five years. It also has the distinction of winning the BEST WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS when the award was added to the list in 2021. Mrs Powerwash, which is in their fifth year of operations, has quickly become the most recognizable brand in Ohio. The family-run business takes pride in helping home owners keep their properties amazingly clean. This also goes for their commercial property customers.

Ashley Krutko, owner of the company said, “We are proud to have been nominated for the award. This is a testament to our customers’ trust and the hard work our staff puts in every day. As a woman-owned business, winning this award is extra special. In an industry dominated by men, this shows how far women can go if they put their mind on something.”

She added, “Our team of highly trained pressure washers/soft washers brings out the beauty around the home and helps maintain its value for years to come. Mrs Powerwash LLC specializes in residential and commercial pressure washing, helping to rid home siding and all exteriors of dirt, grime, moss, mildew, and other contaminants.”

The company also tries to stay as affordable as possible so money doesn’t come in the way of a great wash. Mrs Powerwash offers ANY whole house wash for $149 and any single-tier decks for $69, two tiers for $99, and three tiers for $149. On the other hand, their competitors had average house wash prices between $250 -$600 for just a house wash.

The brand has a fleet of more than four service vehicles on the road, our washing crews have completed over 55,000 washes over the years. The brand is also looking at franchising the company nationwide to allow its powerwash/softwash service to be available in more cities around the country. They also want to incorporate drone technology to enable effective softwashing of areas such as house roofs, water towers, and large commercial buildings.” When the drone washing starts, Ashley Krutko will be the first female drone softwash operator in the United States.

Homeowners and businesses interested in cleaning their properties can reach out using the information below.

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Mrs Powerwash LLC is a leading residential and commercial powerwash/softwash company that has been serving Columbus, Ohio, for over 5 years.

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