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Mrs Powerwash is Central Ohio’s authority on residential and commercial power washing. My family has been washing homes and businesses for over seventeen years. With our fleet of 4+ service vehicles on the road, we offer unparalleled service. Find out why my family has over 45,000 washes completed and the best prices and service in Central Ohio.

Let our team of highly trained in-field pressure washers bring out the beauty to your home and help maintain its value. We specialize in Residential/Commercial pressure washing, helping to rid home siding and exteriors of dirt, grime, moss, mold and other contaminants. We’re the best pressure washers in Central Ohio.

We use a soft wash process that rids moss, mold, dirt off your home and cleans roof shingles of those nasty black streaks caused by algae growth. We are so good at what we do that we do not offer other services like painting, deck/concrete sealing and dog walking like many of our competitors do. We feel that if your good at one thing you don’t need to try and be a master of all trades.

If your looking to have painting, staining, sealing or any other services please contact a professional in that field who offers only that service. We would be glad to get you recommendations of contractors our customers have told us do great work and offer great prices…

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Happy Customers

” Excellent service, timely, and on a budget. Thanks! “

– Chris Z, Columbus, OH

” Timely, efficient, and thorough. A great service for the price. House looks wonderful! Highly recommend this company. Thanks, much to them. “

– William K,Columbus, OH

” They did a great job!! “

– David C,Columbus, OH

” Mrs. Powerwash did a fantastic job, the house & porch looks so much better & the price is right! “

– Linda S,Hilliard, OH

” Mrs. Powerwash did a fantastic job, the house & porch looks so much better & the price is right!”

– Linda S,Hilliard, OH

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